Jenna Hutchen

PhD Candidate, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Klenk

Sept 2020 – present

am a PhD student interested in the process of knowledge exchange between scientists, decision-makers, and end-users. My research is co-supervised by Dr Vivian Nguyen and Dr Chantel Vis. I hold a M.Sc in Biology from the University of British Columbia (2017) where I studied the impact of forest fires on snowshoe hares. Before that I obtained my B.Sc in Biology (2014) from Simon Fraser University. Before coming back to complete my doctoral degree, I had worked for a number of years in STEM education, outreach, and communication.



57. Promises and pitfalls of digital knowledge exchange resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic


53. A research agenda for affective dimensions in climate change risk perception and risk communication


51. A systematic mapping protocol for understanding knowledge exchange in forest science