Meet our Principal Investigator Dr. Vivian Nguyen

“Hello! I am an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science at Carleton University, with a cross-appointment in the Department of Biology. I am a mixed-breed between a biologist and sociologist. I bring an applied lens to my research to ensure that knowledge we produce is usable and has maximum value for solving today’s wicked problems. I embrace inter- and trans-disciplinary principles in my work including knowledge co-production, co-creation, and commit to engaging in knowledge mobilization activities to influence perspective, policy and practice.

I obtained a B.Sc. in Environmental Science with Minors in Biology and Business. My M.Sc. in Biology integrated fish ecology with human dimensions research to evaluate management strategies for improving Pacific salmon bycatch survival. I examined attitudes and behaviours of fishers towards using fishing best practices, while also conducting biotelemetry, physiological, and reflex assessment research on the survival and behaviour of bycatch salmon in the Fraser River, B.C. For my Ph.D., I dove into sociology and investigated how new knowledge derived from new technology, namely biotelemetry, is or can be mobilized into fisheries management policies and practice. I am a Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow alumni (17-18) and worked with the Office of the Chief Scientist at Natural Resources Canada for two years to influence and learn about science policy and government processes.

As you can see, the common theme throughout my career is connecting, integrating and bringing together different disciplines, knowledge systems, and cultures. I am committed to continuing interdisciplinary research and equipping the next generation with skills to solve societal and environmental challenges”

Our Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PI)

Dr. Nathan Young
Co-PI of Collaborative
Dr. Steven Cooke
Co-PI of Collaborative
Dr. Stephan Schott
Co-PI of Collaborative

Our Research Associates

Valerie Berseth
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Christopher Orr
Part-Time Research Associate, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Stephan Schott

Our PhD Candidates

Jenna Hutchen
PhD Candidate, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Klenk
Albana Berberi
PhD Candidate, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Steven Cooke
Andrew Howarth
PhD Candidate, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Steven Cooke

Our MSc Students

Hannah Postma
MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Steven Cooke
Tyreen Kapoor
MSc Student
Samuel Richard
MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Grant Gilchrist
Jessika Guay
MSc Student
Allison Drake
MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Karen Dunmall
Adam Perkovic
MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Karen Dunmall
Acacia Fempong-Manso
MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Steven Cooke

Our Research Assistants

Kail Schlachter
Research Assistant
Christine Beaudoin
Research Assistant
Kimberly Klenk
Research Assistant

Our Undergraduate Students

Tracy Chamoun
UG Honour's Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Steven Cooke


Former Members

  • Emma Kent
    UG Honours Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Chapman; Jill Brooks
  • Julie Sell
    UG Honours Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Susan Aitken