Jessika Guay

MSc Student

Sept 2020 – present

I am a master’s student in the biology department at Carleton University, supervised by Dr. Vivian Nguyen. I completed my bachelor’s degree in biology at Carleton in 2020 where I developed a wide range of interests in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. Throughout my graduate studies, I have been working on interdisciplinary projects focusing on the human dimensions of recreational fisheries with aims to inform management of those fisheries. My current projects include exploring the angler perceptions of non-native pink salmon in Norwegian rivers, as well as investigating where anglers of a shore-based shark fishery in Florida, USA obtain information about the fishery and how it may influence their opinions of fishery management. When I am away from my desk, I enjoy socializing with friends, reading a fiction novel, or going on a walk with my dog.



55. Survey-derived angler characteristics and perspectives in the shore-based shark fishery in Florida