Allison Drake

MSc Student, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Karen Dunmall

Sept 2020 – present

I am completing my Master of Science in Biology under the supervision of Dr. Vivian Nguyen and Dr. Karen Dunmall (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), with mentorship from Dr. Steven Alexander (Fisheries and Oceans Canada). I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Ottawa (2019), where I specialized in Biodiversity and Conservation. I am passionate about working in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural spaces to study and conserve marine and freshwater species and their habitats. As a settler, I am committed to fostering meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities to holistically understand and address climate and anthropogenic changes, and their impacts on the wellbeing of northern communities. Currently, I am exploring the practices of weaving Indigenous and Western sciences in aquatic research and monitoring within Inuit Nunangat to highlight the diversity of methods available to researchers and communities. I am also working in partnership with knowledge holders in the community of Kinngait, Nunavut to compile and document experiences and perceptions of environmental and biodiversity shifts. This research will address ecological knowledge gaps, establish a baseline of change, and inform community decision-making as they prepare for the future.



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