Valerie Berseth

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Jan 2021 – present

I am an environmental sociologist working in the areas of environmental politics, climate adaptation, and perceptions of risk related to genomic science applications in conservation and natural resource management. My work investigates how people understand and manage the risks of human interventions into nature. Currently, I am working on a project with Dr. Vivian Nguyen, Dr. Stephan Schott (Carleton), and Dr. Nicole Klenk (University of Toronto) focused on genomic applications in forestry to manage pests, respond to climate change, and improve forest health. Prior to this, I completed a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of British Columbia I completed an M.A. in socio-legal studies at York University.



57. Promises and pitfalls of digital knowledge exchange resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic


53. A research agenda for affective dimensions in climate change risk perception and risk communication